Mission Statement

About Teaching and Learning Connected

Carolyn Hirst-Loucks and Kim P. Loucks established Teaching and Learning Connected in 2004.   In the course of their work both in the classroom and in administrative settings, they were constantly seeking new learning through professional development opportunities and frequently were dissatisfied with the quality and relevancy of these sessions to their work.  Often they found that professional development did not address the real, daily needs of the practitioner.  Teaching and Learning Connected was created to fill that void.

The mission of Teaching and Learning Connected (TLC) is to provide professional development experiences that increase learners’ capacity to connect and integrate new learnings into their daily practice. The experiences offered are cognitively stimulating and emotionally engaging. The ultimate goal for TLC is to positively impact student achievement by making the new learning an integral part of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Professional development (PD) provided by Teaching and Learning Connected is custom designed to meet people’s needs.  TLC offers professional development that will meet the needs of a variety of organizations, such as schools, districts, school consortiums, parent-teacher teams and businesses. The professionals from TLC target a variety of groups:  administrators, teachers at a variety of levels and content areas, parents, youth and business people. In addition, TLC presents at local, regional, state, and national conferences.

Carolyn and Kim’s passion is providing participants with instructional strategies that allow teachers to maintain the rigor of the content and skill work while framing it in a way that is highly engaging and motivating.  They are the authors of Study Strategies for Student Success (2004) and have recently written a book, Serious Fun: Practical Strategies to Motivate and Engage Students, which will be published in Fall 2013 by RoutledgeTLC strongly believes that fun should be an element of the work in schools and business.

Meet Carolyn and Kim

Carolyn and Kim Loucks, with nearly seven decades of combined educational experience, have spent twenty years as presenters numerous times on a variety of topics at national, state, and regional conferences. In their roles as educators (Carolyn as an Assistant Superintendent for Instruction; Data, Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator and secondary Social Studies teacher; Kim as a staff development specialist and secondary mathematics teacher) Carolyn and Kim have developed an invaluable understanding of learning standards and assessments, as required under national, state and local standards. The Loucks’s share strategies that allow teachers to prepare students to successfully meet those standards.

Both are graduates of colleges within the State University of New York system, Carolyn with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, Kim a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. The Loucks’s each have Masters of Science degrees in education as well as advanced degrees in Educational Administration and Supervision. After long careers teaching at secondary level and working in educational administration, the Loucks’s now devote their energies to their educational consulting company, “Teaching and Learning Connected” (TLC). TLC does exactly what its name says: actively engages participants in the learning process and presents the most current research on effective teaching and learning and how that work connects success to student learning.

Participants leave their sessions with ideas that can be put in place the next day that can transform student-learning experiences. Carolyn and Kim’s philosophy is to create professional development opportunities that allow teachers to transfer their new learnings into practice…immediately. To move toward an embedded, integrated learning approach, follow-up trainings are available. The Loucks’s believe that the true keys to success lie not so much in covering curriculum as it does in providing young people with the strategies and skills that will allow them to uncover a wealth of knowledge and learning.

Carolyn - Professional

Carolyn Hirst-Loucks

Carolyn Hirst-Loucks is currently the co-owner and consultant for Teaching and Learning Connected.  She develops and provides professional development as well as follow-up support to teachers and administrators on a wide variety of topics.  Carolyn custom designs sessions for parents, middle-level educators, mathematics teachers, school librarians, and educational leaders.  She presents sessions based on two unique programs co-created with Kim P. Loucks, Study Strategies for Student Success and Serious Fun: Practical Strategies to Motivate and Engage Students…

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Kim, Professional

Kim P. Loucks

Mr. Kim P. Loucks, after a 33-year career in public education, has spent over 20 years as a national, state, regional and local presenter/facilitator on a variety of topics.  His roles as a staff development specialist and middle-level mathematics teacher afforded Mr. Loucks the opportunities to gain an invaluable understanding of learning standards and assessments.  Kim’s work focuses on sharing strategies that allow teachers to prepare students to successfully meet those standards and see success on assessments…

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