Here is what participants are saying about TLConnected!

Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind. The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.

– Marva Collins

Participants’ feedback taken from evaluations following training sessions:

Dynamic, entertaining, enlightening, and substantial.

All the strategies learned are easily adaptable to my classroom.

Professionally rejuvenating.

I learned a whole new set of fun and productive ways to incorporate humor into my classroom so that it is a more inviting and safe place to learn.

A well planned, carefully delivered, great learning presentation…Thank you! Thank you!

It was so great to hear that activities are important – not just an activity for activity’s sake; but that they really do have a purpose, there is real meaning behind the activities.

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It is especially noteworthy to recognize that teachers, representing grades 4-12, will bring a consistency to their instruction in how they prepare students to become organized and effective learners. My enthusiasm stems from knowing that elementary students entering our middle school will be better prepared to transition into this environment.

A very comprehensive and interactive text as well as two days of an excellent presentation. This program provided me with a professional, positive reward.

I can’t wait to return to my classroom and put this great learning to use!

Thank you very much for the workshop. I do not think that I have ever had so much fun or felt so safe while learning.

Today I incorporated “Circle the Wagons” into a Social Studies lesson–accompanied by music. The students loved it! It’s so nice to get them out of their seats, socialize as well as listen to fun music. When they were done, they returned to their seats smiling and ready to tackle the next bit of information coming their way.

And from Adam, a sixth grader after attending a two-hour parent/guardian-child presentation:

I’m a changed man!